Retrospectrum (Somewhere over the Rainbow)

Written by Lita James

Photography by Daniel Girard (edited by WallacePlayford)

Come out come out wherever you are and meet the ‘Wallace Girls’ who fell from a star.  They fell from the sky, they fell very far, and Love in the Afternoon they say is the name of their star.  They bring you good news, so haven’t you heard, when they fell out of Love in the Afternoon, a miracle occurred.

The ‘Wallace Girls’ rocketed through time on a retro-futuristic, kaleidoscopic journey somewhere over the rainbow. The collection ‘Retrospectrum’ took a deconstructed, and reinvented retrospective look at all of WallacePlayford’s collections to date, intermixed with carefully curated vintage pieces from Vintage Lifestyle Shop ‘Love in the Afternoon’. The fun, and cheeky collection was a whirlwind of fashion, colour, pattern and style, as only WallacePlayford can do.

All pieces from the collection are now available at Love in the Afternoon! 320 James Street North, Hamilton.

Shop Hours: Wednesday to Saturday 11am to 6pm, Sunday 12am to 4pm


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