The Tale of the Gypsy Faery

Written by Lita James

Photography by Wallace Playford

There once was a girl who had lost her light. She had given it selflessly to those who were afraid, and could not find their way through their own darkness. She had put aside her own needs to focus on the needs of others. In time, unknowingly, she began to forget about the things that she loved to do, and what kept her light aglow. Cold stone walls began to build up inside of her heart. It was as if she was locked away in a cold desolate castle, her once coloured thoughts turning to gray. One day the girl noticed that things were not as they used to be. Her beautiful colourful life, the luminous light that had always led the way was gone. She could no longer see past the cold stone walls that had built up inside. She had become a prisoner in her own mind. She knew that she had to find her light. So began the desperate search for the light she had lost.

She searched, and searched but she could not find her light. Recalling an old tale about a Gypsy Faery who could bring back the light to those who had lost their own, the girl embarked on a pursuit to find this wise woman. Legend said that the only way to find the Gypsy Faery was through a dream. That night the girl set out to find the Gypsy Faery.


Dreaming now, the girl searched for the Gypsy Faery in a land that she did not know. She walked barefoot along a babbling brook that seemed to lead nowhere. As she walked the damp moss tickled at her feet. She followed the brook for many miles until she could no longer put one foot in front of the other. Exhausted and afraid she rested a moment on the cool rocks that hugged alongside the brook, only to awake in a forest just before the sun went down.


Tired, and weary, she stumbled aimlessly through the dark forest. The trees, ominous and looming, seemed to glisten with dark enchantment under the pale glow of the moon. She could hear the soft whisper of the wind dancing through their leaves. The air was damp and cool on her skin, with the sweet, dewy scent of moss filling her nose. At last she came upon a clearing where she saw a beautiful, magical arctic fox. His fur was white as snow, and shimmered like freshly spun silk. He had a kind, gentle face with big quiet brown eyes. As she approached the handsome, mystical creature he asked her what had brought her to this forest in her dream. After she told the arctic fox why she had come, he agreed to lead her to where the Gypsies dwelled.


As they approached the gypsy dwelling, the girl could hear their melodic chanting. The magical vibrations that surrounded their campsite, was as if she was looking at the campsite through a thick amber glass. It was beautifully frightening all at once.  The gypsies told the girl to find the Gypsy Faery; she would teach her how to find the light that she had the lost.


When she found her, the Gypsy Faery said to her ‘My dear child, you have not lost your light. It has always been there. You would not have found me if it you had lost it completely. Look deep inside your heart that is where the light is.’ She told the girl that her light could never leave her completely, that it has only been dimmed from sharing it with those who do not know how to find their own light.


‘You must give your own light time to regenerate before you share it with others.’ she told the girl. ‘You must teach those with whom you share it, how to see their own light, so that they may pass this knowledge on to others.’ ‘They must ask the Universe for their light by finding the positive in every negative, and focus on the good that is in their lives.’ ‘Focus on this and your light shall always burn bright.’


When she awoke from her dream, the girl visited her very favorite place, the garden. There in her garden she spent time with the flowers, and spoke with the resident wildlife. Her world was once again filled with beauty, the colour of her thoughts returned. The walls that had built up inside her heart came crashing down. She would pass her knowledge of the wise words of the Gypsy Faery onto all those who came into her life.


The girl had found her light, and now, even though every now and then she has to remind herself of the Gypsy Faery’s advice, her light burns brighter than ever.