Trying hard to look like Gary Cooper (super duper)

Inspiration: 50s Men’s Formal Fashion, Gary Cooper, Puttin’ on the Ritz, Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Colour: Black, White, Gold
Pattern: Solid
Key Pieces: 1950s Tuxedo Shirt, Leggings, tage Cufflinks & Pearls, Studded Pumps, Wide Belt




Inspiration: Bonnie Clark, Beekeeper, French Mime

Colour: Black, Yellow

Pattern: Polka-dots, Solid

Key Pieces: Capri Dress Pants, Skinny Belt, Suspenders, Cardigan, WallacePlayford Bullet Bra, Studded Pumps, Sequins Beret, Retro Handbag, Vintage Necklace

A bee in my Bonnie 2

A bee in my Bonnie

Pin-up Esmerelda

Inspiration: 1940s Pin-up, Flamenco Dancer, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Carmen, Lana Turner, Victor Hugo

Colour: Black, Red, Gold, White

Pattern: Geometric Bohemian, Colour Blocking

Key Pieces: Boho Summer Dress, Vintage Necklace, Leather Corset Belt, Wedge Heels

Pin-up Esmerelda

Caravan Girl

 Inspiration: Water for Elephants, 1930s Fashion, 1980s, New Wave, Neon, Caravan Girl by Goldfrapp

Colour: Hot Pink, Yellow, Green

Pattern: Paisley, Geometric Bohemian

Key Pieces: Harem Pants, Bustier Top, Head Scarf, Wedge Heels

Caravan Girl - PlanningCaravan Girl - Reveal